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Q: Do I need to submit a quote for a purchase?

A: All purchases requiring a Purchase Order should be submitted with a quote prior to receiving Goods or Services.

Q: Can payroll checks be held overnight?

A: All payroll checks should be placed in the mail on Friday afternoon if they were not picked up. In the event checks cannot be mailed on Friday afternoon, or you have staff that will be onsite to distribute checks to employees who are scheduled to work on Saturday, the checks should be stored in a locked safe until distributed to the employee(s).

Q: How do I hire a Student Worker?

A: Click here for steps to hire a Student Worker

Q: How do I hire a Graduate Assistant?

A: Click here for steps to hire a Graduate Assistant

Q: How do I establish a brand new position/position number?

A: Shared Services does not establish new positions/position numbers, for Exempt/Non-Exempt Regular & Contingent II positions. A request for a new position for these classifications must be submitted to HR, by following the process outlined here:

Shared Services does manage existing positions, assign position numbers to new hires, and when necessary will establish or reclassify a position based on the department’s needs, for the following position classifications:

  • Faculty
  • Graduate Assistant
  • Student
  • Contingent I
Q: How do I create a new project?

A: A new project can be created by completing the Project Request Form via DocuSign.