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FINAL AAOU SSC HR Paperwork Deadline Calendar Nov-Jan 2021

Updated version of the FY21 Deadline Calendar is available

October 28, 2020 11:57 AM
Good Afternoon,

Please find the updated FINALIZED version of the FY21 AAOU SSC HR Paperwork Deadline calendar, through January 2021, linked below. Please replace any existing versions of the deadline calendar you have, with this one moving forward.

A copy of the updated calendar is also saved on our website here. Anytime updates are made to this document, the most up to date version is saved on our website. We highly recommend accessing the calendar from our site, to ensure you are referring to the most recent version at all times.


As you may recall, AAOU SSC released a preliminary version of the HR Paperwork Deadline Calendar earlier this month, through the end of December 2020, with the expectation that some of the deadlines listed could change once UMBC Central HR released their updated deadline calendar through the end of the calendar year. 

As expected, now that central HR has released their calendar, a number of AAOU SSC deadlines have changed due to the upcoming holiday's and campus closures. Please review the updated deadline calendar thoroughly to familiarize yourselves with the upcoming deadlines.

I would like to bring special attention to the fact that PR-13 and PR-14 paperwork is due by the same deadline, of COB Thursday, November 19, 2020.

Due to the consolidated processing time our staff will have to meet Central HR deadlines, ALL AAOU SSC deadlines listed will be strictly enforced, please ensure you and any necessary staff take an opportunity to review the updated calendar, and plan accordingly, to ensure timely submission of RT requests, to avoid payroll delays. 

Please also remember: Start dates for new hires should be coordinated with AAOU SSC in advance, to ensure the date you wish to hire, is in line with the processing time required and associated deadlines, to ensure a smooth onboarding process, and to avoid payroll delays for new hires.

RT tickets for any new hires requiring complete onboarding paperwork (not currently active on UMBC payroll in any department, and have not been active on UMBC payroll within the last 3 years from the date of hire for the new position), will need to be submitted at least two weeks ahead of the listed deadline associated with their start date, to ensure enough processing time, for SSC staff to initiate the hiring process, and for the new hire to complete and return all paperwork and supporting documentation by the deadline listed that is associated with their start date.

If you have any questions, or if you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,
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